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Z. J. Jastrzebska - Kołodziejczyk

kom. 0 695 170 781
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A wide range of legal services for business clients and private individuals, on terms and conditions set out in a civil contract.



Former NOTARY, LAWYER, professionally active COUNCELLOR

Date of birth 1st January 1937 Warsaw
Address 00-898 Warsaw 41 P.O. Box 32
Mobile: 0-695 170 781, fax (0-22) 499 69 72/73

From 1961-27 years in the Department of Justice; in a court- judicial application, in an institution of a notary public-application, assessor, nomination for a position of a notary and longstanding work on a number of managerial posts: in Skarżysko Kamienna in kieleckie voivodeship – director of the local National Notary Association, in mazowieckie voivodeship director of the National Notary Association in Pułtusk, and after in Żyrardów up till its incorporation to łódzkie voivodeship, afterwards a notary in Otwock and in Warsaw, next – counsellor, lawyer, and recently again counsellor.

During years 1955-1961- finished studies at the Faculty of Law at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

-notary practice allowed me to specialize in negotiations and preparation of contracts, and legal practice-in practical realization of contracts, consistent or contentious, and that is what I continue to do-in a profession of a counsellor. Elementary knowledge of English language on a level which allows to communicate and travel for 4 years in Asia-mobile especially in a profession of a lawyer, I also had experience as my own driver outside Poland.

Since the beginning of my retirement I travelled throughout Asia visiting India, Bangladesh, Birma, Laos-for one day, Malaysia, Thailand including Phuket. I stayed longer in Birma because there is no Western Union Money Transfer, so after I run out of my credit card limit, I had to wait for the limit to renew, without other source of money.

Exploration of spiritual cultures of different nations, with conviction that they all come from one source of Hindu religion as the first religious tradition on Earth, the oldest religion not entirely explored.
It was explored only with Christian tendency of intentional „conversion” made by British people, when they stayed in India, which resulted in some imperfection in dating everything during our era as if the modern one was one and only in the history.

Further exploration of new experiences or intensification of the old ones in the preferred region of Asia, if Europe for us European is nothing exotic anymore, so as professional experiences.

After activity in three legal professions mentioned above, I declare use of various professional experience for clients of the lawyer’s office.

Best regards, Z.J. Jastrzębska-Kołodziejczyk